• Carmen

my never-ending list of good ideas

Updated: Oct 21

I'm an "ideas" person. I think most writers probably are, and that makes sense since so much of writing is using your imagination to pull together various kinds of details and create something new and whole.

At any given moment, I can have more than a dozen ideas in my head, but I learned from my time as a Goal Coach that I can only focus and execute a few at a time. For now, that means working on my second book, launching the first, and taking Staseos to new heights (our email list is currently growing like crazy!).

So I had an idea! (haha)

I've decided to share some of the raw ideas I'm currently working with and see if any of you want to take the lead on one. I'll lend as much help as I can, but I'm not overly-attached or possessive of these. I'd just love to seem them materialize and grow into something cool.

1. SRT Bookclubs ("stop reading trash")

SRT Bookclubs would be small, local bookclubs for people who want to read good books across all kinds of genres. Economics, history, politics, theology, and fiction by authors that have something deeply truthful to say rather than just trendy postmodern talking points. The goal is to learn and enjoy thoughtful discussions with friends.

2. The PWT Network ("people who think")

The PWTN would essentially function as a group on a social media platform (maybe one of the non-censored ones like MeWe would be best). The goal of the network would be to connect non-progressive people in various fields--parents, teachers, artists, writers, podcasters, business owners, pastors, students, etc--so that they can share questions and answers and support each other's endeavors in a culture that's increasingly hostile to the non-progressive point of view.

3. The Ultimate Keep-on-Giving Gift Guide

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of buying from China. I'm also tired of my money going towards "woke" causes. That's why this gift guide I'm dreaming about would organize American-made and non-woke businesses in an easy-to-browse list.

Some variations of this already exist online, but they're all pretty haphazard in their approach. The best organizational method is probably identifying a "best of" in various categories and limiting the list to those products and brands.

4. Viva La Joy Retreats

These would be loosely structured weekend getaways in picturesque places for women who want uninterrupted time to focus on something. Intermixed with work time would be fellowship and meals. If you wanted to go with a full-on writing theme, I could offer some short, hands-on workshops.

Do any of those sound fabulous? Did you already have a similar idea, but just didn't know where to start? Are you looking for something fun and fulfilling to focus on and share with others? If yes, shoot me an email or send me a message on Instagram and tell me what you're thinking about.

A new year is just around the corner! Let's see what we can do 💛